Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Edison's Board of Mythomania Scores themself a Perfect '10' and Super O'Malley gets $20,900?!?

Well, here we go again - just saw the payout for Goals du Mythomania for the 2015-16 School Year. Seems the Board of Mythomania gave themselves a perfect score in achieving every single District/Superintendent Merit Goal for 2015-16.

According to the safe-haven contract they gave Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley, his bonus eligibility went up to a Max of 10% for 2015-16 - and at his $209,000 salary, that's $20,900. Since they gave themselves a perfect score of 100% on every single goal and sub-set, he got all $20,900.

Now, having looked at these Goals over the years, it's disconcerting to see them continue to rise to the level of mediocrity. Always wondered why it's so hard for them to write a well thought out and comprehensive set of goals that address the immediate and long term needs of a school district our size - without all the silly content, ambiguity and hyperbole?

Clearly, these goals continue to be less than substantive and sophomoric, year after year, yet the $pending is spiriling Out-of-Control paying for them.

Here's the 2015-16 District/Superintendent Goals for the 2015-16 School Year:

Now, here's how the Board of Mythomania scored each Goal (from the June 20, 2016 Public Board Meeting). O'Malley's salary was $209,000 and the Max 10% Bonus is worth $20,900.

Goal 1 - quantitative, was worth 17% of the Max 10% or 1.7% of his salary - $3.553.

Goal 2 - qualitative, was worth 25% of the Max 10% or 2.5% of his salary - $5,225.

Goal 3 - qualitative, was worth 25% of the Max 10% or 2.5% of his salary - $5,225.

Goal 4 - quantitative, was worth 33% of the Max 10% or 3.3% of his salary - $6,897.

So, as you can see - they gave themselves a Perfect Score and Super O'Malley $20,900! Amazing, isn't it?

Of course you have to wonder how much of their Misdirected and Out-of-Control $pending relates to their achieving this perfect score on these imperfect goals.

And, seriously, how much did it cost us to wallpaper the school buildings in laptops and other time sensitive technology for Super O'Malley to earn that $6,897. We'll see.

But hey, the last time I looked at these goals and payouts, which was the 2013-14 school year - they only achieved 25% of them. Now they're at 100% - amazing how much more money gets $pent on the wrong things when there's no Oversight and a Board that Leads from Behind.

Anyhoo, Spending money is an activity not an accomplishment, except when it comes to the Board of Mythomania and Your tax dollars.

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