Friday, October 7, 2016

Feel the Need to say Thank You to all those who take the time to read this blog!

You know, I just noticed that this blog is approaching 100,000 hits. That kind of surprised me since this blog isn't about me, I don't try and advertise it nor do I tell people that I even write a blog. It's written to try and help and inform the People of Downtown Edison about things that catch my eye.

For the most part, I write these posts about our Local Politicians and Board of Ed Members using sarcastic humor but there's always a point being made. As serious as some of these things are for the resident/taxpayer, you can't lose sight of the humor in what they say, don't say - do and don't do.

Now, most of these politicians and board members I consider friends although there's probably a few who won't quite reciprocate the same sentiment (that's for you Charlie after somebody tells you to read this). But those who know me know that none of this stuff is personal with me - I tell you what I think and, more importantly, Why I feel that way. I respect everyone's opinion and take no umbrage with anyone who doesn't agree with me.

Learned a long-time ago that the best decisions come from differing opinions as long as everyone is dealing off the same facts.

Also learned that Nobody died and Left Me in Charge of Being Right so I'm open to discussing anything with anybody.

Let's face it though, we live in a town where the Muni-side is Ruled by a Dem Party Oligarchy where the Perils of One-Party Government have long gone past the Perils and are an actual Reality - and a Board of Ed that Leads from Behind and has long relinquished the Oversight over the Outrageous and Misdirected and Out-of-Control $pending with well over $230 million School Budgets.

Hey, where else can you have a Mayor who campaigns on $tabilizing Taxes and as soon as gets elected, raises the Muni-tax by 8% and Sewer-Tax by 35% and 50% on Residents and Commercials?

Where else can you find a Board of Ed that has a fixation with protecting their favorite Superintendents? We had a prior Superintendent who was paid $500,000 or so to Sit at Home and the the current one given a 5-Year Safe-Haven contract after he was out Publicly interviewing for another Super-Gig in another State!?!

So, thank you for taking the time to read this stuff - albeit, not the most exciting stuff in the world, especially when it comes to numbers. Hope you find something in here that's helpful or informative.

And if you're the person who hits the 100,000 mark, take a screen-shot and send it to me. That would be Cool!

Anyhoo, putting a twist on an old Dennis Miller Line:

It's just my opinion, I could be Right!'

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