Friday, October 21, 2016

Vote Rob 'Mr. Temper-a-Ment' Karabinchak for 18th District Assembly - he puts the 'Me' in Team?!?

Ah.. what I consider the EDO's greatest failure is up for election on the Dem-party line come November 8th, after being anointed to fill the vacant 18th District Assembly seat.

Perhaps the only time or way he could ever win an election is to be on the Dem-Party ticket in a Dem-controlled environment. Oh wait, I'm wrong. there was a time he was running for a single seat on the Edison Council for a single year against a Rep who only spent a max $3,000 against his $100,000. Guess he was a little worried about losing after finally switching to the winning side and getting anointed in or simply forgot he said he was supposed to be pinching pennies for us here in Downtown Edison.

So, if you followed his self-serving journey through the internal power struggles of the EDO over the years, switching sides to try and get on the winning side, admired his charming personality and his ability to keep an open mind to ideas as long as their his own and let's not forget - his less than noteworthy or meaningful performance on the Edison Council when he did get anointed in - you'd really have to ask yourself why anyone would ever vote for this guy, even in this one-party dominated town and county.

So, here's my thoughts - for all the reasons in all the posts in this blog about Rob 'Mr. Temper-a-Ment' Karabinchak, the best way to sum up why I never have or ever would vote for him for any elected office - here's a repeat of the Top 10 Reasons why You Should Vote for Rob "Mr. Temper-a-Ment' Karabinchak for 18th District Assembly on November 8, 2016:

10. Because You want Your Voice to be a Race to the Bottom.

9. Because You want Edison's Mistakes to be Highlighted at the State Level.

8. Because Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro endorses him and You don't see anything wrong with that.

7. Because You like Supporting Someone who Didn't Support the Chairman of his Own Local Party.

6. Because You want to Confirm that it's Okay for the Least qualified of Candidates for Anointment to this position to be Selected.

5. Because You like Helping Someone who is Only Looking to Help Himself.

4. Because Appearances are Deceiving and You Like Being Deceived.

3. Because You like Politics when it takes advantage of the People - Not Helping them.

2. Because You prefer Form over Substance in Your Political representation.

1. Because You Like someone Who has Switched Sides So Often and So Fast that He's Now Made Himself Permanently Dizzy.

And just to be fair to Señor Karabinchak, here's a list of people who do support him for Assembly from his 29 Day Pre-Election Report:

Kind of feel for all the other towns in the 18th District - you know not what your getting.

Anyhoo, as Mark Twain once said and Robin Williams brought to humorous heights -
 'Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.'
Maybe it's me but that kind of reminds me of Señor Karabinchak whenever I hear or see that quote?!?

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