Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to turn Grapes into Raisins!?!

Well, took a family member over to the Farmer's Market over in Clara Barton this past weekend to pick up some fruits and vegetables. Very cool place and worthy of your patronage whenever you can. It was a fun time and they even had a food tasting contest going on when we arrived and two of the judges were Mayor Ricigliano and Councilman Dr. Prasad. It was nice to see both of them and have a chance to say hello.

Also, got the history of the farm market and the whole Clara Barton Revitalization from Ester Nemetz. That was pretty cool too.

But wouldn't you know it, just as grapes have to turn into raisins - my smile dropped to a frown! I couldn't believe it. There it was right in front of the farm market, pointing the way to the Clara Barton Branch of the Public Library - the donated sign. And who donated it?

Someone by name of Karabinchak. Now, if that's your friend and mine - Councilman Rob "March on Trenton" Karabinchak, then Really Rob? Couldn't you find another part of town to be so blatantly self-serving and get your name out?

Anyhoo, if it's not Councilman Karabinchak - then I humbly apologize and will certainly remove this post once advised so.

But, if it is, then there's one thing that needs to go along with the Happy Owl to make the advertising on the sign complete - and it's this:

Seriously, someone please tell me this isn't Councilman Karabinchak's donated I can salvage the remaining grapes.

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