Wednesday, September 26, 2012

$pending has its Reward$ at Mythomania Lane!?!

Congratulations to Super Dr. Richard "Build the Trust" O'Malley on his Performance Bonus dinero after only 18 months on the job! Don't know if it's money well spent but it does fit in with Board of Mythomania's theme of Spending money - anybody's money they can get their hands on! Guess it's true - Spending has its Rewards!
Now, not for nothing, but it would be nice if we let Super O'Malley build a track record of his own and this Board stop with the fawning (aka - vulcan mind meld) and start with a little more focusing. I only mention this because we also had a former Super who after 13 months into a 3 1/2 contract - someone decided to re-negotiate and extend her contract by 2 years - and we ended up paying $500,000 for her to sit home.

Remember this:
Now, I know there's no politics going on over there and this Board doesn't feel the need to protect their own - but geez, if you want to help this guy succeed, then do your job!

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