Friday, October 18, 2013

Local Dem-Party infighting here in Downtown Edison!?!

Well, it's the Silly season again here in Downtown Edison and I'm reminded of some of these thingies that go on (after reading this piece today in the Star Ledger), which place form over substance;

  • Elections are about Winning not the truth
  • Politics is political theater-the theater of the Absurd
  • Spin is all well and good, just as long as you don't believe it
  • Glossy campaign flyers so uninformative that they only make the Printers happy
  • Let's attack the Candidate rather than the Candidate's position on the issues
  • Dem-Party in-fighting benefits the few at the expense of all of us
Now, here's my point - ever since Jun 'RforMe' Choi knocked George Spadoro off in the primary a few years back, the people of this town have been treated to the worse of the worst in power grabbing that I have ever seen. And, it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. 

Dem-Party Politics at it's worst that benefits the few at the expense of all of us. Who would of thought that the Perils of one-party government that have turned into reality over the years here in Downtown Edison would be trumped by the Perils of Dem-Party in-fighting?

A Dem Mayor and a Dem Council that live for blocking each others efforts, for one-upping each other every chance they get or for pulling every trick in the book to trip each other up and for what? 

How is it helpful to the people of this town when they spend all their time positioning themselves for and defending against each others' attacks? Aren't there some more serious issues going on in this town that need to be addressed and fixed? Don't see anyone describing the problematic issues that need to be addressed and how they're going to fix them.

Anyhoo, as for putting the 14 new firefighters on now, what's the freakin' problem? This is Edison! Ricigliano has the 'Bully Pulpit' and is taking advantage of it and Lankey is complaining about the timing of it. That's what they do in the Silly Season here in Downtown Edison. 

Of course, I did notice that they both agreed that it was necessary to add the 14 new firefighters but didn't notice anyone say how we're going to pay for it when the federal grant for 10 of the new firefighters expires at the end of 2015. Now, that's something that's more important to know than how the timing of these new hires worked out! 

You know, as a life-long Dem here in Downtown Edison, it's embarrassing to watch this stuff go on. It's time the Dem-Party Candidates put the real issues facing this town before the people and what their plans are to fix them - it's time to place substance over form, where all too often in the past, form has prevailed.

So, Mayor Ricigliano, Council Members Lankey & Prasad - who wants to step up to the plate?

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