Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Edison BoE's Current Staffing - School Year 2013-14

Just received the current staffing data and it shows Staffing of 1,918 with contractual salaries of $127.3 million. The data includes contractual salaries by employee, by contract term, by title, and by department & location. From this data, I put together some summary schedules and a couple of tables to sort the data.

Here's how the Staffing of 1,918 falls by salary range - in chart form:
Here's the numbers for the above chart with a breakdown of the contractual amounts:
Here's the contractual salaries by Department:
And finally, here's some tables that you can use to drill down to the employee level and sort the data to find what you'd like to see:

Anyhoo, anyone interested in having these files, just drop me a note. You're welcome to them.

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