Sunday, March 29, 2015

Time to Revisit Wards in Downtown Edison?!?

Saw the piece here in

Edison Democratic Committee Selects 08820 Candidate Slate

Seems the north end of town with an estimated 38% of the population will have 100% of the representation in the at-large system we now operate under. 

Unlucky for us in the 08817 and 08837 zip codes! But hey, good to see that the EDO is concerned with equal representation across the town in their selection process.

Maybe we can get some help to get this back on the ballot. Remember Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro? He was Against switching to Wards before he lost his election in the Jun 'RForMe' Choi years and then, miraculously, he was For Wards! Maybe he can help get this back on the ballot. You think?!?

Then there's Anthony Russomanno, you know, the guy with more titles in Downtown Edison than anyone else. Maybe he can help now with all his titles.

Back then, he was 'Neighborhoods 1st' Chairman and he wrote this:
'To understand the need for Wards form of government, Edison residents must understand the unbalanced power our current at-large system provides. In a nutshell, too much control and power into a few hands is problematic. Our forefathers designed a system of checks and balances, a system designed to ensure solid debate amongst our politicians and citizens alike.' (Sentinel 10/17/2007)

Gee, I wonder if he still feels the same and wants to help?!? You think?!?

But that's not even the worst news in that piece. They showed the results of the committee vote. With 78 districts and 2 committee members in each district the vote was as follows:

Robert Karabinchak*        90
Michael Lombardi*           88
Leonard Sendelsky            72
Ajaykumar 'Ajay' Patil      50
Ralph Errico                      42
Wayne Mascola*               41
William Araujo                  38
Dr. Sudhanshu Prasad*     33
Jonathan Teitelbaum         22
Sheila Angalet                    9
* Incumbents

Congratulations to Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak for being the top vote getter but seriously - if that doesn't tell you what's wrong the EDO and their selection process, nothing will. Here's a guy that shouldn't even be on the Council much less their top vote getter. Maybe he can 'pinch' some more pennies for us and continue to represent himself better than he represents us. Oh wait, I forgot - there will be no representation on the south-side of town if the residents go along with this ticket.

Your top vote-getter - must be his willingness to listen to differing opinions with an open mind and, let's not forget, his charming personality:

Anyhoo, guess I'm wrong -  we will have a Ward System here in the 'DemBadLands' - a Ward of One!

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