Monday, March 2, 2015

Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley's latest update on the $28.1m JM Bond Referendum!?!

Well, just saw the above on the school district's website here but don't know what's new about it. It's the same spin he's been trying to sell from day one. Take it he thinks that if you repeat the same things enough, someone would actually buy into it.

But you know what I find most amusing and begs a big question to be asked? It's this paragraph in there:

'A referendum approved by the voters is the ONLY means in which the district an obtain this state debt aid. Therefore, by passing a referendum, Edison taxpayers would save close to $6 million in costs ($1.9 million contractual penalty plus $4 million in state debt aid). If the referendum fails, these costs would be shared by ALL the taxpayers in Edison.'

First, you have to understand what the Board of Mythomania calls a savings - it's a reduction in a proposed or potential increase in a cost. Now, I don't know how that's a savings other than in the Land of Mythomania since savings only happen when your actual costs go down. A reduction in an increase is just that, a reduction in an increase. Your costs still go up. So, blah..blah to that line of thinking.

Next, and most peculiar is the statement that the $6 million in costs would be shared by all of us here in Downtown Edison, if the referendum fails!?! Really? Does that mean they already have a double secret agreement for the town or the state to overrule the will of the people of Edison in case of a No vote on March 10?

According to their own facts about the bond, (you can see it in a previous post) it would only cost us the $4 million in state aid if they're unsuccessful in two bonding attempts and appeal to the DoE or they go to the town or state to bond.

And seriously, with the $1.9 million penalty? Under their own facts again, one of their options is to redistrict and not build a new school. That penalty can be avoided under that option.

So, with all due respect, a failed bond referendum doesn't cost us anything unless they try and make it so by circumventing the residents of Edison in case of a No Vote on March 10th. And the only savings that exist on this bond - only exist in the Land of Mythomania.

Anyhoo, recognize that you're being asked to commit now to a tax increase for the next 30 years pretty much based on them telling you what will happen to you if you don't vote Yes on the Bond. That's not Nice!

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