Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Edison Dem Council Campaign 2015 du Coupe - Silence is Golden!

Well, all is quiet in Downtown Edison with an election just a month or so away. By this time we should of been bombarded with the Local Dems usual negative opposition flyers and, of course, their side's glowing, glossy and expensive flyers where the truth within is always an anomaly.

Now, don't get me wrong. There's no way that Not receiving any of their material keeps me up at night and, in fact, it actually saves me on garbage bags. So, not complaining here. Seems they must think that they already have the election won with their Band of Dem Party Line Groupies, so why not save some money and try and make Dem Party Chair Keith Hahn look bad to boot.

But hey, there's still time left, so let's see if we can't help them out with some more Campaign Bumper Stickers, some old favorites and some new:

Not 4 Dems below 08820

All 4 - 1 - 7 - 4 - 08820

Vote NO for 08820

Vote for Rob:
 - Run Rob Run - on Rob's Rear Bumper, on Bob's Front Bumper!?!

 - why make him change sides again!?!

 - he'll stabilize taxes..his own!?!

 - he's his own mind!?!

 - change you can believe in..from an incumbent!?!

 - what could he possibly do right!?!

 - he pinches pennies but takes your dollars!?!

 - he's a Whiner..oops, typo, a Winner!?!

 - he'll make a Mean Face if you Don't!?!

 - help him be all for himself!?!

Anyhoo, like to kid around a lot with my friends in the EDO but hey, why not - they've been treating us like a joke for years!

PS: if there are future mailings to the residents here in Downtown Edison, please let me request again - please, please, pretty please make sure you skip my address.

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