Monday, September 28, 2015

2015-16 Goals du Mythomania!?!

Really? Here we go again over there on Mythomania Lane. Up for vote at the Board's September 21st Action meeting-a-mundo were the District/Super Merit Goals for the 2015-16 School Year. Once again, it's disconcerting to see them rise to the level of mediocrity. How hard is it to write a well thought out and comprehensive set of goals that address the immediate and long term needs of a school district our size - without all the silly content, ambiguity and hyperbole?

If you’re a Board Candidate for one of the 3 open spots this November and You don’t See what’s wrong with the Direction this Board is going in with these less than substantive and sophomoric goals, then You really don’t deserve to be on the Board. We have enough Board Members who actually think this stuff is good.

Seriously, these are most important issues and challenges facing the Board of Mythomania in 2015-16? Hardly think so.

Goal # 1 - "By March 1, 2016, create a written curriculum for grades 1-12 physical education program.."

Goal # 2 – Develop and implement district monthly parent programs in all school for the 2015-16 school year that will focus on meeting district goals.

Goal # 3 – Prepare a written analysis and recommendations for the Board of Education by January 30, 2016 comparing the costs, savings, advantages and disadvantages of changing from the present contracting bus transportation system to a district-owned system.

Goal # 4 – Complete the final phase of the 1:1 initiative, addressing grades 9-12, so the entire district is provided with a digital tool that will benefit them by transforming to digital learning and promoting personalized online training.

And here's another tad bit of a concern - since the Board takes these goals and turns them into Criteria for Super Dr. Richard "Looking for the Exit Ramp" O'Malley's Merit Bonus - does that mean that someone can actually take these less than meaningful and sophomoric goals and turn them into objective quantitative and qualitative criteria for his merit bonus? Can't wait to see that when it's available.

There's more but I'm beginning to bore myself with their repetitive silliness when it comes to Board Goals and Merit Bonuses. But I do like the term "Monthly Parenting Program" - it's hilarious. Nothing like taking a captive audience, calling them into a meeting and then asking them to vote on how good the meeting was! That should score high for the Board and O’Malley.

Anyhoo, here's the Board of Mythomania’s Goals for the School Year 2015-16:


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  1. Well I do not know if these are so much goals as maybe they should be part of the general job description of a educator as a superintendent his job is so much more ,I would have liked to have seen him cut 3 to 4 million from the new school and then use the savings on the other schools ,but we all know schools need backup generator just in case of hurricanes are children can still go to school ,or as drO himself told me we can move the Seniors in there ,it never occurred that maybe having them sleep on cotts was not a good idea