Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley hits the Jackpot!?!

Well, looks like the Board of Mythomania awarded Super O'Malley $16,720 (though the Merit Goal Submission Forms for 2014-15 I have only add up to $14,630 but who's counting) in Merit Bonuses for the 2014-15 School Year. Apparently, he achieved and got credit for 100% of his goals, Plus one that wasn't even there in 2014-15 - not bad for someone who only achieved 25% of the board's goals for 2013-14.

Got to like that Safe Haven Contract, which traded salary for bonuses:

Anyhoo, so much for the Super Salary Cap to protect the taxpayers here in Downtown Edison.

Here's the Board Approved resolution:


  1. While I cannot say that dr o is bad at everything it would be nice to see exactly what the merit pay is for ,,hope it has nothing to do with scarring residents into his overpriced bond for the new school ,or no bid contracts for architecture ,there is a lot to look into at this boe and they do not give up the real documents till you get a lawyer ,I hope I can gather enough votes to get on this board and bring to light the truth

  2. Really wish the BOE would have a candidates night ,or even the democratic and republican party ,or even a meet the candidates at the senior center ,,until the public can meet the candidates they vote for we will continue to o give away funds for lackluster performance overall