Thursday, October 8, 2015

Top 10 Reasons

why the Edison Board of Mythomania Shouldn't have a Candidates Night:

10. Because only 1 Incumbent is running and they want the first crack at filling the 2 open spots.

9. Because the ETEA had one and the Incumbent ticket was already named.

8. Because Silence is Golden and the less you know about the other 6 Candidates, the better off the Board of Mythomania is in keeping the status quo.

7. Because the $228 million 'Bloated Bucket of Money' they call a School Budget just can't afford it.

6, Because they took away Your right to have an informed Say on the School Budget - so, why Not the School Candidates.

5. Because Leading from Behind requires Keeping the Status Quo.

4. Because we really need a Board that Leads from Behind Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley - that is, when he's not out looking for another gig.

3. Because You just gotta like $pending $28 million for an Elementary School and You can't wait for more of the same.

2. Because You like a Board that believes in Safe Haven Contracts.

1. Because You like turning over 56% of Your Property taxes to a Board that is as Transparent as Duct Tape.

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