Saturday, October 3, 2015

What's Up with Board of Mythomania Prez. Veena 'Out to Lunch' Iyer!?!

With the Edison BoE election fastly approaching and where only 1 of the 3 Incumbents is seeking reelection in a 9 candidate field, been trying hard to find out why there hasn't been any Candidates Night announced for the Residents and Taxpayers?

Now, I know the ETEA is holding their own Candidates Night this coming Monday Night but that's mainly for their people and some limited public invitees.  That's all well and good for their members and I applaud the ETEA's effort to hold such an event so their members can meet with and hear from the candidates. At least their members will have an opportunity to become better informed before stepping into the voting booth.

However, what about the Residents and Taxpayers here in Downtown Edison? Don't they deserve the same opportunity to meet with and hear from the candidates so they can make an informed decision before stepping into the voting booth?

Hey, the Board of Mythomania accounts for well over 50% of Your Property Tax Bill here in Downtown Edison.

So, what's up with the Board of Mythomania? Do they Not want to let all 9 Candidates have a public say? Sure seems like it.

Well, here's the list of all 9 Candidates again:

Deborah A. Anes (Incumbent)
William Araujo
Richard Brescher
Ralph Errico
Hollie A. Gilroy
Dennis R. Pipala
Shivi Prasad-Madhukar
Deborah Schildkrant
Kiel Thoms

Anyhoo, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that Veena 'Out to Lunch' Iyer is looking out for the Residents and Taxpayers here in Downtown Edison.


  1. I myself as a candidate can tell you why,I did not have plans two years ago to run ,but after seeing no one qualified in construction on the boe and seeing obvious mistakes made and then seeing more neglect of our residents and parents needs by this boe ,I decided to run .our current boe does not want all this to come to light to the public ,their hope is to keep it quite so their backed candidate can get voted in,I myself am running with Ralf and William as I feel that we all compliment each other and with the few boe members still on the board that are reasonable can make a difference. So I do not expect the board president to become open about this,but the real question is were are our seniors I am sure each candidate would donate $100 each for a hall so residents could attend,but our seniors have now even expressed interest in hearing from the candidates ,I wish I could find a seniors group to speak with?

  2. Great news I hear there is a ptac meet the candidates at Woodrow Wilson Oct 21 at 6 pm hope they follow up by inviting all the candidates,it would be a great venue for all the residents

  3. Have you now been notified by PTAC that they're holding a Candidates Night on Oct 21 at 6:00PM?

  4. No I have not ,I was told by someone there that it was happening and was asked to let others know ,I asked our PTO to verified it and they just got back to me today and confirmed ,I would think we will be notified soon ???

  5. Was sent a reply email today they are having it but need to secure date with the school before they announce it