Sunday, March 20, 2016

Board of Mythomania $234 million 2016-17 School Budget $aving claims- where's the $avings Dr. Frank?!?

Maybe it's me but the last time I looked, a savings comes from reducing a cost you're paying now. A reduction in an increase is not a savings, it's still an increase in your cost. And, if you cut a cost but just re-purpose it to another cost, it's not a savings either.

So, if the School tax rate has gone up every year since perpetuity and the cost to the residents and taxpayers to fund these big, fat & bloated 'Pots of Money' you call a budget has gone up every year - then where's the $avings to the People here in Downtown Edison Dr. Frank?

Anyhoo, don't be confused by the intellectual dishonesty going on over there on Mythomania Lane. It doesn't take a PHD to figure out the definition of savings. A Master of the Obvious is all you need.

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