Thursday, March 17, 2016

Board of Mythomania's double-secret 2016-17 School Budget - 4% Tax Hike!?!

Well, thought the Board of Mythomania was going to release the 2016-17 Public Budget at last night's caucus meeting. They didn't. Unfortunately, we were just treated to a presentation of select numbers in that double secret budget by Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley.

Not for nothing but there's a guy who should be no where around numbers, much less presenting them. He's still locked into that fiscal-year mentality which is fine if you bridge the gap to the calendar year and how the tax rate is calculated and what You end up paying. Of course, he doesn't do that so you don't really know what all that blah..blah means.

And what's the point of presenting something if you're not going to tell the People of Downtown Edison what it will cost them? Telling people that you're staying at the 2% tax levy cap (fiscal Year) but not telling them that on a calendar-year basis (which is how your taxes are calculated) your School taxes are going to go up 4% in this budget is a tad bit Not Nice at best.

Here's my best take on what was said and presented in that meeting. $pending is $234,009,994, which is up $6,068,564 or 2.7% over last year's $227,941,430. The fiscal year tax levy is $210,003,178, which is up $5,636,318 or 2.76% over last year's $204,366,860.

What he doesn't tell you is what this means to the calendar-year tax levy and your tax bill. This budget takes the calendar-year tax levy to $207,185,019, which is up $8,002,990 or 4% over last year's $199,182,029.

So, what this 2016-17 budget does is to increase the School tax rate to $2.932 (Per 100), which is 11.2 cents or 4% up over last year's $2.820 (Per 100). If you live in that imaginary home assessed at $177,300, then your taxes will go up another $199.

You can calculate your own tax increase by dividing your home's assessed value by 100 and multiplying that number by the .112 increase - or you can just plug your home's assessed value into the chart below.

Anyhoo, first let's see how many non-budgeted staff they added this year before you give him another 12 in the 2016-17 school budget.

Guess we have to wait until they release the budget before the public can see what's in it.

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