Friday, June 10, 2016

When the Original 'Poster-Child for What's Wrong with the EDO' is pushing a candidate - you Know there's Something very Wrong!?!

As someone once quipped, 'No matter how cynical I get, it's never enough to keep up.' Such is the case here with the EDO, the Party that made Edison Safe for Hypocrisy. Specifically, the process to select a council replacement for Rob 'Mr. Temper-a-Ment' Karabinchak, the Biggest EDO Failure ever released upon the People here in Downtown Edison and Now the 18th District.

First, let me say, it's their party and they can play by any rules they want and I recognize that tad bit of dysfunctional irony. So, what are the rules for selecting a replacement to fill the open council seat? As I understand it, the party asks for people to submit their names for consideration and they then hold a committee member screening and vote. I believe there are some 78 districts with two committee people from each district, one male and one female. The top three vote getters get passed on to the Council and they choose the one they want to fill the spot. And that's it.

Now, you can imagine my surprise when I kept hearing even before the committee met to vote and select the three candidates the council would choose from - that the hand-picked choice was Michael Comba, an alternate member of the Zoning Board. Further, that your friend and mine, Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro - the Original Poster-Child for what's Wrong with the EDO was out Supporting this guy. Not for nothing, but when Charlie is out pushing someone for a political position - you gotta know that it's Not in Your best interests.

A Big Red Flag should Go Up in Your Mind!

Now, I'm sure this guy is a nice guy and all and he's happy to jump ahead in the pecking-order of things but it's hard to hear when it seems a choice is already made even before the committee meets and votes are counted to determine who the Council's choices will even be.

But have no fear, here are the 6 people who submitted their names for consideration;

1. Joe Coyle
2. Michael Comba
3. Steve Nagel
4. Richard Brescher
5. Sam Kahn
6. Sheila Angalet

And here's the results from last night's committee voting:

1. Joe Coyle - 70
2. Michael Comba - 57
3. Steve Nagel - 53
4. Richard Brescher - 51
5. Sam Kahn - 23
6. Sheila Angalet - 23

Total committee people voting was 92.

So, look who is in the Top 3 - Michael Comba, now there's a Shocker! You'd think they'd at least work to get the sole woman running into the Top 3 with half the 156 committee people being women. Take it they don't take well to differing opinions of their status quo operandi . That's unfortunate. We sorely need some qualified women on the Council who will speak up and out.

Anyhoo, it is what it is here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison and it's definitely Not about You - but just so I can make my choice known even before the Council votes, here's what I sent to the Council yesterday afternoon before the committee met to vote:

Madam Clerk - please forward to all Council Members as a Council communication for the next meeting:

Council Members:
Hello to all. You can imagine my surprise when I heard today that the hand-picked choice to fill the open council seat is Michael Comba, an alternate on the Zoning Board. Surprised since the EDO Committee people have yet to meet as I write this to vote so the top 3 candidates can be passed on to you.

Now, I’m sure that you would never pick someone in advance of an EDO Committee meeting convened to vote to select your choices - so, I must of heard wrong. If so, I apologize.

However, in the event Mr. Comba turns out to be your choice out of the 3 candidates yet to be selected, then please note before you vote that I object to his appointment to the Council.

Ralph Bucci
Edison Resident

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