Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Board of Mythomania Vacant Position - they cut 10 days out of potential candidate pool?!?

Well, looks like the Board of Mythomania isn't wasting anytime filling that vacant position on the board. Contrary to their timetable to submit letters of intent and resumes by April 17, 2017 at their caucus meeting, they now moved it up to April 7, 2017 at their action meeting. You know, spring break and all.

As one former Board of Mythomania President said to another former Board of Mythomania President, when you have 5 votes you can do whatever you want. That's so true here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison.

So, what's up Dr. Frank, it's safe to say you have 5 votes to fill that position with whomever you want - why the rush and restricting the potential candidate pool with such a tight timetable from advertising to when the paperwork has to be submitted - one week? Funny isn't it, how the people of Edison lost 10 days from their caucus meeting to their action meeting.

Beats me, but geez, kind of makes a farce out of the entire process, which is nothing new for what goes on over there on Mythomania Lane.

Adding insult to injury, they didn't even post the requirements up on their website until this afternoon sometime. I know, I checked.

With all due respect, take it the same people who write those sophomoric and substance-lacking Performance and Merit Goals every year must of written this stuff you have to fill out to apply.

First and foremost, you can't fill it out long-hand, it will not be accepted. Whoa! Seems printing and cursive writing are a thing of the past with all their Macs, I-Pads and I-Phones over there. Who cares if you can't write the language as long as you got a computer screen to type on. Guess it makes it easier for them to read over there.

But I digress, so let's move on.

Here's the application and instructions (from their website) you will need to follow to submit your name for consideration - and due by April 7, 2017:

Anyhoo, since this is such a thinly veiled attempt to pick who they want anyway, I think I'm going to play along with this farce and fill out one of these silly form thingies and submit it - so I can go to their caucus meeting on April 19, 2017 and tell them why I should be on the board. No problema, silly questions deserve silly answers and I talk fast anyway and can cover in 6-minutes what I think a board of education should do. When I fill out their non long-hand form, I'll share my answers with you right here. It's all a big joke anyway, right?

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