Monday, April 28, 2014

Edison School Board Election - April 23rd Unofficial Results-a-Mundo

Well, as you know, the Board of Mythomania's $217 million bloated pot of money called a
School Budget for 2014-15 passed by 99 votes with 2,238 voting Yes and 2,139 voting No. Both the incumbents (Heelan with 2,089 votes & Shi with 1,768 votes) were reelected and Beth Moroney captured the third open spot with 2,133 votes. These numbers include the absentee ballots.

Some interesting thingies from the data, which is all Unofficial until the County does their thing.

1. # Districts in Top 3 
                                     at Polls       ABS
        Shi                           17
        Amaral                    12                  1
        Thoms                     11
        Moroney                 25                  1
        Prasad                     10
        Shen                         0
        Mohammad              1
        Heelan                    22                  1

2.  # Districts on the $217m School Budget Question
                                    at Polls       ABS             
                          Pass      23               1
                          Fail       10

3. # Voters at the Polls who Did Not Vote on the Budget - 368 or 8.4%

In 11 Districts, the % Not Voting on the Budget was greater that 10%. In 14 Districts, the % Not       Voting was between 5%-10%. In 8 Districts, the % Not Voting was between 0%-5%. The highest % Not Voting was District 22 with 14.3% and the lowest was District 20 with 1.2%.

Hard to believe that many people would actually go to the Polls and Not Vote on the School Budget.

Anyhoo, here's the Unofficial Results for the April 23rd Election:
Here's the Number of Not Voting by District at the Polls:

And here's an interactive Excel file on the Unofficial Results that you're welcome to have if you want. Just drop me a note:
But hey, what do I know? I still can't figure out how a town with 55,279 Registered Voters can have a turn-out of only 4,745 Voters or 8.6% in the School Election and of those going to the Polls, 368 or 8.4% Don't Vote on the $217m School Budget - when the School District accounted for 57% of your property tax bill and 77% of your property tax increase in 2013.

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  1. Last year the number of people who voted on the candidates but not the budget was just over 400. So this is not an anomaly, but it is peculiar.

    My guess is a language barrier. And/Or they are coerced to vote for a particular candidate not really understanding what the election is for.

    Maybe its better this way. I bet they would blindly vote yes making the budget that much harder to defeat.