Friday, April 4, 2014

Let's hope Super O'Malley gets the job in Rock Hill!

As one of 3 finalists for the Super job in Rock Hill, S.C, it's reported here that their school board will be making that decision today. Let's hope he gets the job. Apparently, he's quoted in the papers down there as saying "It's not about a job for me - it's a change of life, a change of lifestyle."

Hey, if that's what he wants for himself and his family then good for him. I wish him luck.

However, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask if the Super Cap had some bearing on his decision to look elsewhere. If you remember, he was rushed into a November 2010 Board meeting to sign a contract with a start date no later than the February 7, 2011 effective date of the new Super Cap law. He got a $210,000 starting salary back then and he's at $218,484 now - and that will go to $222,854 on July 1st - the last year of his contract. Once this contract is up - he falls under the Super Cap and that will be less than he's making now. He beat the Super Cap once - is this now a second time? And when he was hired, didn't the Board know what would happen when his contract was renewed? Did they really want to hire a one-term Super?

Well, I guess it really doesn't matter if it was part of his decision-making process or not or what the Board had in mind - he's opted to seek employment elsewhere.

I truly hope he gets the job because who wants a Super that we now know is looking for the exit ramp.

We've invested a lot of time and taxpayer money in him and do we really want someone in such an important position spending time looking elsewhere?

And, let's not forget, we need a new School Board for two reasons; (1) for picking Senor O'Malley, and (2) for failing to explain to the people of Downtown Edison that he's publicly out there looking for a new gig.

Anyhoo, the more things change in this town, the more they stay the same.

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