Monday, April 14, 2014

Top 10 Reasons you should always Vote Yes for Edison's School Budgets!

10. You like voting on a school budget that represents 57% of your tax bill and never hearing about that budget again.

9. You like them $pending all that money any way they want, without explanation, regardless of where they said they would in the school budget.

8. You like not knowing about all those non-budgeted heads they added (and forgot to tell you about when asking you to vote for the school budget) when asking for more heads.

7. You like not having the opportunity to ask questions when $pending exceeds any particular line item in the budget.

6. You like not knowing they hoard taxpayer relief-money and use it to increase $pending rather than give it back to you.

5. You like them claiming they stayed under the 2% cap every year but neglecting to tell you how they did it while still increasing $pending.

4. You like ignoring the school budget when state aid used is more than what the state gave us.

3. You like having a board that doesn't understand why you need to measure and report out actual performance against the budget to truly be open and transparent.

2. You really like a board that thinks savings is the same as slowing the increase in $pending.

1. You like having no accountability or public scrutiny over a now $217 million, bloated pot of money called a school budget that grows exponentially every year - along with your School Taxes.

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