Saturday, April 26, 2014

Edison School Budget Passes - Cell Tower off of Knapp Ave. Denied!

Just saw the unofficial results for the School Board election on the Board of Ed website here.

Congratulations to the Edison Board of Education for getting voter approval for their $217 million School budget for 2014-15. This budget takes the school tax rate up to $2.733, up 2.9 Cents over last year's $2.704. You can see what that will cost you in previous posts.

Both Heelan & Shi were reelected and Beth Moroney filled the third open spot. Congratulations to all the candidates for taking the time and making the effort to make the Edison School District the best it can be.

While the turn-out was disappointing, the people who show up to vote decide - and so they did, all 4,765 of them.

On the Cell Tower, I'm told that the application was denied by the Zoning Board. A tad bit of good news about that tower placement.

Anyhoo, let's hope Ms. Moroney can help make this board more accountable & transparent for the residents & taxpayers here in Downtown Edison and they find a better placement for the Cell Tower.

Kind of highlights why it's important to elect the right people:

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  1. 388 people went out of their way to travel to the voting location but didn't vote on the most important question. This seems suspicious to me. Thats roughly 10% of the voters who showed up. Is this consistent with years past? If anything I could imagine more people voting on the budget and skipping the candidates. Is this human error, machine error or conscious decision?