Friday, April 18, 2014

Top 10 Reasons why you should be Happy to turn over $217m to the Board of Mythomania!?!

10. You're a trusting person and you believe what they say and don't care what they don't say.

9. You like to go to school board meetings where you can't ask 8 out of 9 elected officials any questions or know why they voted the way they did.

8. You like the public portion of school board meetings where they politely listen to what you have to say and then ignore you.

7. You like when all votes are unanimous - you like a silent majority on things.

6. You like to know that they think thems are smarter than yous and, therefore, nose better than yous.

5. You like their good management practice of following from behind the Super who's looking for the exit ramp.

4. You like the achievement gap we continue to have in Downtown Edison.

3. You like having a Super publicly looking for a new job and they don't tell you.

2. You like giving them a blank check for $217 million to spend any way they want and don't care that they never come back and tell you how they spent it.

1. You like that it's a 'Closed Club' and it doesn't bother you that you're Not invited.

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