Monday, April 7, 2014

Which should come first - Edison's Muni Budget Numbers or the Actual Numbers?!?

Well, since Mayor ChoiLankey has incorporated the New 'Old Guard' into his administration, does that mean we're gonna return to the days when Mayor Jun 'RForMe" Choi held up the Muni Budget for months because he didn't have a friendly council?

Oh, wait - Senor Lankey has Rob 'March on Trenton" Karabinchak to move his budget right along!

So, when will we see the Muni Budget for CY 2014? Are we going to drag this out until May/June? If so, then  it might be helpful if we could get an idea of where this budget is going - tax rate wise. Nobody likes surprises and it's not like they don't already have a tad bit of an idea what the 2014 Muni Tax Rate looks like right now.

In the meantime, let's keep count of the days before we won't need a budget, we'll have the actual numbers.

Anyhoo, what does the Muni-Budget mean anyway?

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