Monday, February 1, 2016

Hahn 1 Russomanno 0 - Really, it's still going on?!?

Just saw this piece 'Edison Dem chairman sued by party's own lawyer - or is it former lawyer?' here in the SL.

Seriously, isn't it about time the EDO recognizes that their own committee people voted Hahn in as Chairman and start to work with him so all can reach a common ground on what's best for all the people of Edison?

How does something like this get to the point where it results in a lawsuit - valid or not? Shouldn't this of been resolved within their own internal ranks and where's Mayor Lankey and why does he let this get to this point - as the highest elected official we have here in Downtown Edison?

You know, The EDO once used the slogan 'People Not Politics' in their campaign literature and it's not hard to see why they don't anymore.

So, here's my thoughts on this latest dysfunctional public offering from the EDO - give it a rest and sort out your own internal issues yourselves and Stop embarrassing the People of Edison.

Anyhoo, if Anthony Russomanno wants to run again for Chairman this year, then go for it. But in the meantime, Hahn is Chairman and everybody should respect and work with that bit of reality. Hey, the people who vote are the decision-makers. And they (committee people) decided Hahn is their Chairman. What's the problem? Can we ignore the fact that the people of Edison re-elected the Edison Council just because we may not like it?!?

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