Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1%' ChoiLankey over at 100 Oligarchy Blvd. - at it again..Barf..Barf..Barf!?!

Well, just saw this piece 'Latest hires in Edison are Democratic insiders'  in the SL. Seriously, how much more abuse do You want to take from this all-Dem oligarchy going on here in Downtown Edison?

Anthony Russomanno AGAIN Mayor ChoiLankey!?!

Seriously, haven't you and your all-Dem Council done enough for the guy (and his family) with the longest title (CampaignManagerLawsuitSettlementRecipientConstituentRelationsAdministratorPlanningBoardMember)
here in Your Oligarchic 'DemBadLands?!?'

Now, you're moving him into a made-up Assistant Director of DPW with a $13,000 pay bump (up to $80,000) and paying for his classes for a DPW certificate to boot!?! And, by the way, why don't you pay out of your own pocket for the remaining 6 classes Russomanno has to take to get a DPW certificate!

What is Wrong with You Mayor Lankey? This appointment attaches such a stench to you that anyone in your presence is going to have to wear a permanent Nose-Plug from now on.

Just curious - but how many times are you going to go to the well for the benefit of your party and this guy at the expense of the People here in Downtown Edison?!?

Senor Russomanno - Photo credit to SL piece above; 'Thanks Tom' pop-up text - my addition:

Anyhoo, makes you wonder if Mayor ChoiLankey really is just a part-time mayor or simply just afraid of Russomanno for some reason?!? Mucho Disappointed in you Mayor ChoiLankey - to say the least.

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