Wednesday, August 3, 2016

If Mr. Dasondi is ineligible to run for the Edison BoE - then he must withdraw his name from the ballot by the September deadline!

Someone pointed out to me this piece here in the HNT about the Candidates running for the three open spots on the Edison Board of Mythomania this November. One of the candidates in the piece, Nilesh Dasondi is an ex-con and apparently, is ineligible to run for or hold public office.

For purposes of full disclosure, I don't know the man but he did approach me at the Edison Farmer's Market a couple weeks back and asked me to sign his petition to run. He said he had kids in the system and wanted to help out the school district - so I had no reservations signing his petition. I'm all for people who take an interest in and want to run for the BoE.

Now, don't get me wrong, although I have never met Mr. Dasondi, I have heard and read about what Mr. Dasondi did and the price he paid for what he did - but it's not my place to determine who is eligible or not eligible to run for the BoE. He seems to think he is eligible by asking for signatures on a petition and there is a process in place that makes that ultimate determination.

Either way though, I don't have an issue with someone who does something wrong and pays for it and then tries to do something to give back to the community. I'm certainly not going to be the one to stand in anybody's way who tries to do something positive in an unrelated field under these circumstances.

Having said that however, if there is a law that prevents Mr. Dasondi from running for or serving in public office for what he's previously done, then clearly he needs to withdraw his name from the ballot by the September deadline.

Anyhoo, the other four candidates are Theresa Ward (the sole incumbent seeking reelection) Richard Brescher & William Araujo, both who ran unsuccessfully last year, and Xiaohan 'Shannon' Peng.

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  1. Mr. Dasondi has done the crime by taking money that came from overseas and he paid his dues in federal court. As per the case outcome, he did not stole American taxpayer money. He was already punished for his deed. It's up to the voter whom to vote but giving half information itself is a fraud. Let court and law handle the situation. If he is eligible to run, we must not stop him as its against the democracy of our country.

    What gets me in this whole thing is that a school board election is SUPPOSED to be non-partisan as those running are not classified under ANY party, yet we see, Mr. Haan a longueur cop supporting guy and EDO chair is declaring support openly and opposing one particular candidate.

    Guess what who is desperate now? ETA union wants to control the Edison school board and they think they can play with people sentiment. Edison Democratic Chair is involved through police union tiring to align with NJEA and ETA association to squash this election.

    Mr Haan who cannot win a committee seat in his own district and became EDO chair with support of Indian Committee people and now trying to shoot on his foot by encouraging journalist to write same story 4 times. It appears NJEA and ETA don't have money to spend on the election.

    Note that Mr Haan is a cop who was desperate for the promotion was shifted as a trouper when Mr Choi became Mayor. He has a revenge against Asians and can't stand with them. Mr Haan is also a big supporter of Mr Trump. This is his attempt (dirty politics) to play with voters by occupying democratic chair seat and working with a Trump campaign to support candidates that he wants. A great deceiver of the Democratic party.

    Mr. Dasondi is closely linked with Edison Mayor and got to know that he had helped Mr Tamoro (freeholder), Mr. Karbinchak (assemblymen) and many council people and big Democratic Party supporter. He is also a former Vice President of Indian Business Association of Woodbridge and Mayor is very close with IBA.

    This is the same story that was ran when Mayor Lanky ran his election and Mr Dasondi alongwith IBA did a fund raising for then Council candidates - Gomez, Shah and Dihel. No one had objection that time.

    Ms Ward who is who is again in the fray has voted to increase tax constantly for last 10 plus years costing individual tax payer thousands of dollars. She is a puppet and don't question OMallys decision. Now Dems Chair is desperate that he wants to support republican tax raiser to Reoccupy the post. Other candidates Mr Arujo, ran for Governor, Mayor, Council and school board. He has no idea about head and tail of the finances and is on planning board, courtesy former Mayor and not be qualification. He also belong to a carpenters Union. Mr Brecher's wife works in Edison township and has some revenge against OMally and Mr Russomano. This has helped him to gain support of Mr Haan.

    Now let voters decide if unethical cop's candidates are good fit for the office or someone who paid his dues and trying to get back to a normal life. We can't be so ignorant of the facts.

    Bottom-line is this story is years old with nothing new but trying to steal few voters who don't know truth and that's what Mr. Han has done on the job and in political life.