Monday, August 29, 2016

Dr. Frank didn't know!?! Guess there's No Local News in the 'Bubble' Section of Edison.

Saw this piece here in the SL - 'Board President regrets signing petition for felon's school board race.'

Seems Dr. Frank had an hour long meeting with Mr. Dasondi and signed his petition for the Board of Mythomania - but didn't realize who he was until he did a search online.

Now, he says, 'After finding this out, I wouldn't support such a person because it's a position of public trust with a great deal of money involved.'

Well, while I can somewhat appreciate Dr. Frank's position - not so much his explanation.

Hard to go with the public trust thingie with a lot of money from a Board that already leads from behind Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley' with his Out-of-Control $pending and which has been less than transparent with the public on numerous occasions. Not exactly the champions of public trust here in Downtown Edison as far as I can see.

I like Dr. Frank and all but quite honestly - I wouldn't trust what goes on with taxpayer money over on Mythomania Lane one iota, much less with $235 Million.

But hey, what do I know - Let's hope he knows what's going on over there on Mythomania Lane before Super O'Malley makes it happen.

Anyhoo, this board is in dire need of change regardless of who Dr. Frank supports or doesn't support.

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