Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas in Downtown Edison 2016 - Jingle bells..jingle bells!

Christmas in Downtown Edison – 2016

Twas’ a month before Christmas and those sly little elves,
 Edison’s Mayor Lankey & Super O’Malley again labored to benefit themselves.
Now up to 13.7% and 17.8% in tax hikes during their reign,
one via Dem-Party Oligarchy and the other a Leadership wane.

One has a Council voting themselves 100% Pay Hikes,
and the other a Perfect 10% Merit Bonus for his purchasing likes.
Not remotely caring a wit what the people might think,
they again place their own agendas before the People in spite of the stink.

One has a campaign manager around his neck he constantly awards,
and the other $pends $5M to garner his rewards.
They say campaigns are about winning and elections about governing,
would be nice if either one recognized it is the People they are $mothering.

And putting his thumb to the tip of his nose and Sticking it to You and Me,
Lankey backs Karabinchak, the Biggest EDO Failure Ever, for Assembly.
And O’Malley wastes $1.5M of Your tax dollars on James Monroe,
because of a Leaderless Board that can’t get their ducks timely in a row.

They’re not concerned about disrespecting the public per se,
dubious transparency and misdirection is their Ruling way.
Lankey knows in this one-party town that you have no where else to go,
and O’Malley knows his Safe Haven contract allows him to freely flow.

So while we all scratch our heads and say What the Hey!,
lawsuit settlements are galore and lease vs. purchase agreements are the way.
And then it’s Charlie ‘I Abstain’ Tomaro trying to parachute in a Fav Council Dem,
now we see the Bd. of Ed elections have become the Bd. of EDems.

In this season of giving, Lankey & O’Malley will again be on the take,
Lankey without any checks and balances continues a big mistake.
And O’Malley with his 4,400 purchased Laptops du Mac,
left this Board of Mythomania so far behind, they’ve lost sight of his back.

If in this feeling I’m not alone,
take up your pen or pick up the phone.
Let Lankey & O’Malley know that true leaders pave the way,
not ignore and disrespect the People of Edison with the games that they play.

Elections do have consequences every year here in Downtown Edison,
so I hope You again enjoyed opening Your purse and taking Your medicine.
And I heard them exclaim with another year under hand,

Merry Christmas to Edison, and let all the People paying for it be Scammed!?!

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