Friday, November 4, 2016

Edison PARCC 2016 test results

Saw this PARCC data table for the state that you can sort by town in the Star-Ledger here with all the caveats that explain the data. They also provide you with the ability to compare to last year's test results. The original source data can be found here on the DOE website.

Just took the 2016 data and summarized it by Grade, District-Wide for Edison. You can go to the Star-Ledger link above to see the schools within the Grade or you can drop me a note and you're welcome to the file I used to summarize the data below:

Anyhoo, broad opinions about the PARCC testing but here's the data being reported for Edison for what it's worth. Good thing though that the Board of Mythomania didn't have a quantitative District/Superintendent goal for these test scores!

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