Thursday, November 3, 2016

Edison BoE election is Unprecedented all right - it sets an interference Precedent a la Political Party Poo..Poo?!?

Well, this is interesting. Just saw this joint Letter to the Editor here in TapintoEdison from the Chairpersons of the Edison Democratic and Republican parties.

Seems we now have a new definition of Non-Partisan by both local political parties here in Downtown Edison. Maybe it's me but I always thought nonpartisan meant being unbiased, impartial or neutral - not introducing politics into the process by jointly picking a slate of candidates over another.

But here you have both Chairs of the local political parties asking you to join them in supporting Araujo, Brescher and Ward from the Candidates (below) in the upcoming BoE election on November 8th.

From left to right - Araujo, Brescher, Ward & Peng.

So, let's see what they have to say:

'As with any election these days, stabilizing taxes is one of the most important issues with any voter and this year's Board of Education race is no different.'

Really, you think? Perhaps you should ask them where they were on stabilizing taxes over the last few years when Mayor Tom 'Now 13.7%' ChoiLankey increased Spending by $9.8 million or 8.2% and the Muni tax rate 15.3-cents or 13.7% - and the Board of Mythomania under the leadership of Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley increased Spending by $35.4 million or 17.8% and the School tax rate 44-cents or 17.8%.

'Most of you are probably not aware that the Board of Education budget is $234 million dollars or $5.198 cents per $100 of assessed value. Compare that to the Municipal budget of $128.1 million of $2.120 cents per $100 of assessed value and you can see the majority of your tax bill goes to the Board of Education.'

Really, while the School tax is some 56% of your total property tax bill, if the School tax rate were $5.198 per $100 of assessed value, then we'd all have to move out of town. The School tax is $2.932 per $100 of assessed value and the Muni tax rate is $1.269 per $100 of assessed value.

 'Until last year the school board election was held the third Tuesday in April when voter turnout was minimal and much easier to influence. As of November, 2015, your school board election is now held on Election Day in November where voter turnout is much higher, harder to influence and at the same time as our municipal mayor and council elections.'

Really, harder to influence? Isn't that what they're trying to do with this endorsement? Moving the election to November so more more people can vote comes at the price of being able to vote on Bloated and Out-of-Control School budgets that exceed $230 million a year. Let's see, which is better - voting to Stop Out-of-Control School Budgets or letting Political Parties influence the election?!?

'As the Democratic Chairman in New Jersey's fifth largest municipality along with my counterpart Chairwoman Sylvia Engel of the Republican party we are proud to endorse William Araujo, Richard Brescher, and Theresa Ward as part of a bipartisan effort to stabilize your local taxes and put your children ahead of partisan politics. Each of these candidates has a unique skill set that collectively will allow them to stabilize the largest portion of your tax bill, fight for increased state aid and put your child's future ahead of partisan politics.'

Really, that is so bogus that it's actually funny. Bipartisan just means introducing political influence where it doesn't belong and seriously, Ward's going to stabilize taxes? She's part of the problem with the Misdirected and Out-of-Control $pending that causes the school tax rate to be so high over there on Mythomania Lane. Change from an incumbent, good luck with that boloney. And Brescher, the Dem-party committeeman is going to stabilize taxes in this Dem-party Oligarchy town where his Party lives for Tax and Spend and taxing you by ambush? And then there's Araujo, well - he's just too odd a candidate.

Anyhoo, it is what it is here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison because we keep letting them do it without consequence - hope You Like it!

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