Saturday, November 19, 2016

Just an updated salary file for Edison Board of Education

Well, got an updated salary file after salary increases in October, 2016 took effect in November, 2016. Not exactly in the same format that the original file received was in so I'm waiting to see if I can can the updated file done in the same format for comparison purposes.

The original file had Name, Location, Title and Contract Salary and you can see the results of that in the Post dated September 19, 2016. This file only has Name, Guide and Total Salary columns.

Anyway, while I wait to get a file that I can compare to the original file and share the updated salaries by department, title and location - here's a quick look-up for the some 1,800 employees totaling $135.5 million on this current file.

Anyhoo, recognize that salary levels are fluid, constantly changing and are just a snapshot of a point in time. More the reason to have actual headcount change reporting against the budget coming out of Mythomania Lane on a monthly basis.

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