Sunday, January 26, 2014

'Back to the Future' - Mayor 'Form over Substance' Lankey Style!?!

Whoa, saw this piece here on Edison's Campaign Manager to the Mayor & Council of Downtown Edison in the paper today. Seems there's a settlement in the works for up to $120,000 for Anthony Russomanno over some wrongful termination claims with the former Mayor. Now, I don't have a problem with someone seeking compensation if they believe they have been wronged.

Good for him and go for it!

Maybe it's me though, but don't you find it a tad bit laughable that Mayor Lankey & the Council would do this with a straight face and with such spin that they only make themselves dizzy?!?

But hey, at least Councilman Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak is happy about it.
 "I'm glad to see that it's over and cleared up," Karabinchak said. 'I think he's going to be an asset because of his knowledge of the town and the working relationship of the different departments. Edison is a diversified community that needs community outreach to be a part of government. That's been overlooked by many administrations. As the mayor said, we need a fresh start. I believe in our mayor and the way he wants to do business. Everything is a fresh start. We're not looking back, only forward, all for the good of the residents of Edison." 

Well there you go - Karabinchak doesn't want to look back, only forward. I'll bet he does! Now, it's hard to take Karabinchak seriously - he was our bastion of strength for fighting tax appeals, while failing to disclose at the time he was filing his own tax appeals. Or, better yet, he's gonna pinch pennies for us yet didn't even know there was municipal tax increase a couple of years ago. There's more but who cares?!? Just another example of someone who shouldn't be on Council.

So, just for fun, let's see what a fresh start means. They hire Russomanno's wife as Township Clerk, they have to approve some billing for some landscaping work for him over at the Library, they propose to settle some outstanding litigation for up to $120,000 with Russomanno and maybe, just maybe, throw in a township job to boot.

Anyhoo, it case you haven't figured out the point of all this yet - it's not about Russomanno, it's about Mayor Lankey and his 'Vision' for the future. Sure seems like his vision is truly one of 'Back to the Future.' Same old, same old cast of characters and same old, same old local Dem Party politics here in Downtown Edison.

Truly disappointing Senor Lankey. There has to be a fine balance between the politics and the people here in Downtown Edison and you're off to a bad start.

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