Saturday, March 22, 2014

Average Property Tax Bills - 2013 & 2012

Just saw this piece in today's Star-Ledger here. Here's a summary of the 21 Counties and Middlesex County by Municipality:

For the curious in Downtown Edison, here's the numbers they used;

Total Tax Rate (excludes Garbage Dist 1 tax) 4.576 per 100 up 4.7 Cents over last year's 4.529.
(This increase was made up of 3.6 cents for the school tax, 1.2 cents for the county tax and a decrease of .1 cent for the municipality).

Ratables in 2013 of 6,997,886,834 and 2012 of 7,056,377,673.

Average Home Assessed Value - 2013 of 176,801 and 2012 of 176,704.

Hence, in 2013 - Average property tax of 8,090 (4.576 x 1,768).
                2012 - Average property tax of 8,002 (4.529 x 1,767).

Anyhoo, there's a bunch more detail that you can see if you wish (not just for Edison but for all the municipalities in the state) at the NJ Department of Community Affairs website - the source used by the SL.

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