Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mayor ChoiLankey of 'Badlands' - gotta like it!?!

As Senor Lankey quotes Bruce Springsteen in Badlands in his State of Edison address: 'Talk about a dream, try to make it real.' Let's dream, let's talk, and let's make it real together!

In conclusion, let me once again declare that the state of Edison Township is confident and optimistic.

Whoa..who writes this stuff?!?

Anyhoo, for a speech that said nothing and inspired no one outside Team ChoiLankey, it's good to know the state of Edison is confident and optimistic in his world.

Don't you just wonder if he feels the same about those mythical Checks & Balances under Team ChoiLankey here in Downtown Edison?!?

Just a final thought on this stuff. As someone who takes liberties with the english language, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not - there's really no reason why this goes unnoticed in the text of the State of Edison address by Team ChoiLankey:

Department Heads
Business Administrator Maureen Ruane 
Director of Engineering John Medina 
Director of Finance Janice Saponaro 
Director of Public Works Jeff Roderman 
Director of health Jay Elliot 
Director of Recreation Denise Halliwell 
Police chief tom bryan 
Fire Chief Brian Latham 
Library Director Judith Mansbach 
Human Resource Manager June Breshcer 
Purchasing Agent Laura Popick 
Township Clerk Cheryl Russomanno

Not for nothing but Team ChoiLankey's 'Fresh Start' Tour entourage should be a tad bit more respectful as they head on down the road.

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