Monday, June 5, 2017

Primary Day in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison tomorrow!

Well, as a Democrat here in Downtown Edison, don't usually vote in these primary thingies most times since they're usually uncontested. Seems the same this go-round where only the Governor, a couple of Freeholder spots and one of my District 31 Committee people are being contested.

However, I did receive a bunch of campaign fliers (why they continue to send me these thingies, I don't know) but hey, thought I would share some of them with you.

Seems Mayor Tom 'Now 13.7% ChoiLankey wants to continue the Dem Party Oligarchy with his flier du blah..blah..blah - but, more importantly, he sent out a personal note to all his friends in District 31 (and you didn't know he thinks every one's name in District 31 is 'friend).'

Seems SeƱor Lankey would like us to Vote for Nagel & Wise tomorrow.

Well, he's my thoughts on his choice of Steven Nagel for District 31 committeeman. I have lived in this District since Mr. Nagel took over the position and I have yet to see him, hear from him or even seen him walking around with any council or mayoral candidates when they're canvassing the neighborhood.

In fact, Councilman Patil came to my home alone when he was running for the council spot to let me know he was running and to make his case - which I truly appreciated and respected since I'm clearly not much of a local Dem Party fan.  No sign of our committeeman before, during or after Mr. Patil's visit.

So - Dear Friend:
        In response to your letter, please be assured that your letter inspires me to now get out and vote in this primary election to cast a write-in ballot for the District 31 committee spot. I will also vote for Sharon Glaser for the committee woman spot.

Given the above and seeing why you would want these committee people , it's hard for me to believe that your choices '..will always put our neighborhood 1st!'

Ralph Bucci
Democrat, just not your kind

Anyhoo, get out and vote tomorrow and make your voice heard. There's always the write-in boxes!

Just an update - got the unofficial results from the Middlesex County elections results page this morning and here's the results by district in an excel file for mayor and council by district. It should be noted that the summary total for Edison Republicans shows total votes of 950, 871, 927 & 887 for Gaspari, Deutchman, Mascola & Orchid, respectively. If anyone wants the file, just drop me a note:

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