Thursday, June 15, 2017

Where oh where is the 2017 Edison Muni Budget?!?

Well, not for nothing but the year is almost already half over and yet no word on what the 2017 Muni Budget looks like. Geez, how do you go six months into the calendar year without a budget?!?

We already know the Total Property Tax Rate for 2016 (includes Muni, School & County taxes) of $5.056 will be increased in 2017 by 5.6-Cents for the School tax increase, 3.4-Cents for the County tax increase and .001-Cent for the County Open Space tax.

That brings the Total Property Tax Rate for 2017 here in Downtown Edison up to $5.147 without the Muni & Library tax.

So, where's Mayor Tom 'Now 13.7%' ChoiLankey gonna take the 2016's Muni-tax rate of $1.269 this year - Up or Down?!?

Anyhoo, let's count the days until we can see the 2017 Muni Budget. Hopefully, we won't again have to get Estimated Property Tax Bills for August 2017. And, if the last 3 years history above is any example of the Council's review of Senior Lankey's 2017 budget, let's skip the dog & pony show of processing the mayor's paperwork. It's time well $pent - Not.

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