Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Mayor for all the Dems in Downtown Edison!?!

Seriously!?! What's a campaign picture of Mayor Tom 'Form over Substance' Lankey with Senator Booker  & Middlesex County Dem Party Chair McCabe doing on the town's web site?!?

The election is over and time to at least pretend to be mayor of all the people of Edison - not just the Dem Party folks.

In the words of Emil 'Do the Right Thing' Ferlicchi - do the right thing and take down the picture.

Speaking of my friends over there on Mythomania Lane, I'm reminded of something Former BoE President David Dickinson said when he narrowly won reelection - 'Win by a Little, Lose by a Lot.' True! I'm a big believer in the fact that those who show up to vote - decide!

So, in a town of 100k + people, with some 55k + registered voters, where the Dems outnumber the Reps by 2-3 to 1, Lankey gets elected mayor with only 8,021 votes! Granted, he got 39% of the vote for mayor but that was only some 21,000 votes. Those who showed up decided but Not exactly a mandate in this one-party Dem town.

Anyhoo, gotta like that Local Dem Party - where else but in Edison can you become mayor of a town with the second largest ratables (last I looked and before Councilman Karabinchak's tax appeals) in the state with only 8k votes?!?

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