Monday, February 24, 2014

Edison Mayor Tom 'Form over Substance' Lankey - Really?!?

Just saw the piece here in the HNT about Lankey's State of the Town address. I'll skip all the blah..blah..blah and just make a couple of observations about the party that has made Edison safe for hypocrisy:

(1) You know what they call people who think they have the right to hold others accountable for standards they refuse to apply to themselves?!?

(2) Stable means No Change!

Team ChoiLankey - keeping Edison safe for hypocrisy!

Anyhoo, don't you just get a kick out of Mayor ChoiLankey?!? But hey, maybe Senor Lankey can guide us to No Municipal Tax Increase for the next 4 years just like he claimed he did for the last 4 years. Why not?!?

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