Thursday, February 6, 2014

Proposed Cell Tower on the South-Side of Town?!?

Just saw that there's a proposed cell tower up before the zoning board on February 25th at 7:00PM. Now, I recognize that this is the south-side of town but this is something that both affects and effects all the residents of Edison. It's worth some time to pay attention to this before the residents of Downtown Edison get left out of the decision-making process again.

It's being opposed by a property owner on Knapp Ave. - close to where the tower will be and not far from where I live. You can see his concerns and other information he supplies on his web site here. Take a look at the site, check it out yourself and then Go to the meeting and voice your opinion.

I'd say call the mayor's office too but I'm not sure he'd answer the phone - but, what the heck, give it a shot!

Who doesn't want a Cell Tower in their neighborhood?!?

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  1. To oppose Verizon Cell Tower near Knapp Avenue Homes please contact our township representatives below by email and phone. And, remember, even if this proposed cell is not in your neighborhood, the next one might be so please support your fellow Edison homeowners. Please email township officials and call them!

    Mayor Lankey

    Mayors Office

    Council Members

    Mike Lombardi

    Wayne Mascola

    Sudhanshu Prasad

    Alvaro Gomez