Friday, December 29, 2017


Anyhoo, time to get a task force together of all the stakeholders (including residents) and call on our other elected officials to do something to help for a change, rather than just taxing us to the hilt - and by that I mean:
  • Edison Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4% But Won't Debate' ChoiLankey
  • 18th District Assemblyman Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak, and
  • Freeholder Deputy-dog Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro
Surely, they can do more than they're doing now!

Second, the Board of Mythomania will be having their Reorganization Meeting on January 3, 2018 and will be voting for a new Board President to replace Dr. Frank. Now, it doesn't take much to figure out that there are only two members who can come up with the 5 votes needed and that would be Jerry Shi and Beth Moroney. Both were part of Señor Lankey's 'You Got to be Kidding Me' team of incumbents in this past election and they both won another term. So, to the victors goes the spoils, I guess.

Now, in my opinion, neither has a record that I would consider beneficial to the taxpayers or would likely take back control of the Board from Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley and make sure we are $pending our tax dollars in the most beneficial and efficient way possible for all the stakeholders here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison.

If I were a Board Member, I would Vote No when their names come up and would say why. I believe we will be getting more of the same with either of these these two at the helm rather than more of what we need over there on Mythomania Lane - Hugs & Kisses with O'Malley aside.

But the good thing is that I don't get a vote - and it becomes a simple choice of who will be more open and transparent with the People of Edison when dealing with the many challenges and opportunities facing the Board this year. Will that be Moroney or Shi? Hint: it's a tad bit not likely Shi.

And since you can easily see how the Board splits on this vote, it all comes down to the Vote of 2 Board Members, Shiva Prasad-Madhukar and Falguni Patel to make that call. If Moroney can get one of them to vote for her, she gets to be Presidente over there on Mythomania Lane. If not, it goes to Shi. Of course, this gives Prasad-Madhukar an opportunity to make a move and put her own name in for consideration. Hey, it could happen - and what a mistake that would be!

Let's get serious now, the only real choice to head up the Board (for all the stakeholders) with what's coming up in 2018 is Ralph Errico. The Board should rally around him if they want to move things forward in a positive way.

Finally, one last thingie - given the ugly politicization of this past election, the Board should give serious consideration to moving the election back to April when the opportunity arises to do so in 2018 (post moratorium).

Rather have the right to vote on the bloated buckets of money they call a school budget than have to put up with all the negativity that comes with campaigning for a November election. As I understand it, it can be moved back to April in 2018 by either the Board, the Edison Council or the People of Edison by Petition.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Board of Education Member Mrs. Ward - 'Your hair is in my soup now.' - let's not jump to judgment!

Here in 'Downtown Edison' where we just went through the ugliest political campaign that I can remember, it's a tad bit sad that we now try to publicly vilify Mrs. Ward of the Board of Education before her opportunity to explain and defend herself.

Hard to understand why anyone would jump to judgment based upon a newspaper article without knowing what she actually wrote in her copious notes, what went on in her meeting with the Administration, Board President and Personnel and what the context was that she wrote it in. Since this is in some stage of litigation, I take it that this will be resolved in a court of law where it should be.

Now, I'm not much of a fan of this Board or of Mrs. Ward's contributions to this Board's actions but I do believe in being fair.

So, I for one, will not pretend to be holier than thou and ask her to resign or seek to have her removed over her choice of selected words to describe something without knowing what she wrote and understanding the full context that she wrote it in.

Here's last night's Board meeting :

Anyhoo, let's not perpetuate the ugliness that went on in this last election. We, all the People of Edison, are better than that in our diversity.

Farewell Message from Dr. Frank - you didn't have to agree with him to know he was Always a Class Act!

Let's hope the Board finally gets around to dealing with the overcrowding in a responsible manner, considers all available options and is inclusive of all the stakeholders in the planning and decision-making process.

Anyhoo, a Big Thank You Dr. Frank for your time on the Board. Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad to you Sir!

PS: if you call to lobby Deputy-dog Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro, don't forget to thank him for all those County tax increases - year after year, after year, after year, after year!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Edison Board of Mythomania - Staffing Salaries - 2017-18 & other Thingies!

Just received the current staffing salary file for the 2017-18 school year. It has a staffing level of 2,009 with total dollars of $135,059,981. Recognize that these files are a snapshot in time and the staffing levels are fluid, as they should be, and are always changing.

All the more reason why the Board needs to start reporting monthly the changes in heads and dollars against their budget. It's not good enough just to report the additions, deletions, etc every month with no comparison to what was budgeted. That's how they avoid showing the Staffing 'Shell Game' that goes on over there on Mythomania Lane. You know, that's when they add non-budgeted heads during the year but they don't disclose it and you don't see it in their budgets.

For the ga-zillionth time, the Board needs to start reporting their monthly changes in staffing levels in dollars and heads against the budget.

Be that as it may, here's a summary of the staffing file mentioned above. The file is by name, location, department, title and salary. I just put it in a table format that you can sort to see the data by any of those  categories. Also, put together some summaries so you can get a perspective on the data provided.

Here's a summary of the salary ranges:

Here's a summary by Department with the amounts broken down by mean, median, high & low salaries:

Here's the Top 25 Salaries from a sortable table:

Here's a pivot table that can also be sorted to see the data at any level you wish to see:

These tables are are in Excel format and if anyone wants to have them, just drop me a note and you're welcome to them.

Moving on - the Board of Mythomania Goals for 2017-18 and, hence, Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley's Performance Merit Goals.

Here's the Board Goals for the 2017-18 School Year:

Never been much of a fan of these Board Goals since they always seem to be less than meaningful and somewhat sophomoric considering the issues facing the school district. For example, look at the above 3 goals for 2017-18. There's only one quantitative goal and that's arguably not the most pressing academic issue facing the school district. And, look at the other two goals, which are qualitative and with no way to really measure them - they can pretty much do anything and make those goals.

And seriously, 'to actively address the overcrowding?' Geez, that's been a major problem for years and and they're now just getting around to addressing it? Maybe Señor O'Malley can call on the architects and engineers and put together a plan and get a bonus for it to boot! Hey, don't laugh, he got a bonus for his purchasing acumen by $pending some $4 million on laptops.

Seriously, it's long-overdue - a practical, cost-efficient, cogent and meaningful plan that addresses the entire district's overcrowding needs to be put together and needs to include all the stakeholders in the development and bond referendum process.

Finally, 'to improve communications and understanding with the Edison Public School Community'..blah..blah..blah - ever notice these feel good surveys only include parents, students and staff (the captive audience) and never include the stakeholder that pays all the bills, the taxpayers?

As for Señor O'Malley's Merit Bonus for the 2017-18 School Year. Looks like based on his current contract, his Max bonus will be around $25,421 or 12% of his current salary of $212,344. Not quite sure how they'll break down that $25,421 into %'s for the above 3 Merit Goals but hey, does it matter? They might just as well cut him a check now with these Performance Merit Goals!

Anyhoo, let's hope the 2017-18 School Year is the year that we finally deal with the overcrowding in the school district. We really need to get our priorities in order over there on Mythomania Lane and stop shortchanging the kids.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Jersey teacher median salaries - 2016-17

Someone just pointed out this article here in - 'The Top 3 N.J. school districts in each county that pay teachers the most.'

It states that the median salary among New Jersey teachers was $66,117 in 2016-17, up from $64,550 the previous year. It also states there is a wide disparity across the state ranging from as low as $43,911 to as high as $105,650, according to annual data from the state Department of Education.

It has some nice graphics and rankings breaking down the data and you should check it out.

Went to the NJ DOE website and downloaded the data file from the Taxpayers Guide to Education Spending (indicator 16) and excerpted just the median salary numbers.

Looks like here in Downtown Edison - we come in at # 3 in the state and # 1 in the County in median salary.

Here's the Top 25 Median Salary School Districts in the State:
And here's Middlesex County:
Anyhoo, the Taxpayers Guide to Education Spending has some interesting data in it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

'Deputy-Dog' Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro Remembering the 'Good Old Spadoro Days' - what a Guy?!?

Ah, who can forget the 'Good Old Days' in Downtown Edison when 'Deputy-Dog' Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro was For Mayor Spadoro using $10 million in surplus to limit the Muni-Budget tax-hike before the election only to be Against it after Spadoro lost the election.

And, let's not forget paying $5.6 million for some dirt and a mud puddle!

Good comeback though from Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4% but Won't Debate' ChoiLankey.

Ah, the 'Good Old Days' - thanks for the memories Charlie!?!

Source: Edison TV - Excerpt from the Rabbit Greens Community Park Press Conference - 10-28-17

Anyhoo, just a thought for Señor Lankey - just like he needs to carry Snicker Bars in his pocket when he's with Rob 'Mr. Temper-a-Ment' Karabinchak, he should avoid being around whenever Charlie speaks!?!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas in Edison 2017 - Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

Christmas in Downtown Edison – 2017

Twas’ a month before Christmas and those sly little elves,
 Edison’s Mayor Lankey & Super O’Malley again labored to benefit themselves.
Now up to 15.4% and 20.0% in tax hikes during their reign,
one via Dem-Party Oligarchy and the other a Leadership wane.

One wins reelection by not debating his dubious record and hiding away,
and the other tries to sneak in a new employment contract before election day.
Not remotely caring a wit what the People might think,
they again advance their own agendas in spite of the stink.

One has a Council that voted in all his tax increases without exception,
and the other a Board that Leads from so far behind that they’ve lost direction.
If campaigns are about winning and if this past one is any indication,
then gutter-level, self-serving governing is certainly the disconcerting implication .

And putting their thumbs to the tips of their noses while laughing at You and Me,
Lankey and the Dem-Party Oligarchy gets another four years so undeservedly.
And O’Malley gets another shot at extending his employment contract early,
without any public discussion or support by the Board of why it should be .

They’re not concerned about disrespecting the public per se,
dubious transparency, misinformation and misdirection is their Ruling way.
Lankey knew that not debating and hiding from Hahn was his only way to win,
and O’Malley knew any change and his Safe-Haven contract hits the garbage bin.

So while we all scratch our heads and say What the Hey!,
Lankey gets to do it to you again and O’Malley gets the same Board to play.
And then there’s ‘Deputy-dog’ Charlie ‘I Abstain’ Tomaro winning yet again,
proving even with19.3% in County tax hikes you still think he’s your friend.

In this season of giving, Lankey & O’Malley will again be on the take,
Lankey continuing without any checks and balances remains a big mistake.
And O’Malley with the same Board over on Mythomania Lane back,
Is Happy that his Safe-Haven contract is safely back on track.

If in this feeling I’m not alone,
take up your pen or pick up the phone.
Let Lankey & O’Malley know that true leaders pave the way,
and Not Disrespect the People of Edison with the games that they play.

Elections do have consequences here in Downtown Edison,
so I hope You’ll again enjoy opening Your purse and taking Your medicine.
And I heard them exclaim with another year under hand,

Merry Christmas to Edison, and let all the People yet again be Scammed!?!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Edison Board of Mythomania Nov. 20th meeting - from the Unsavory Campaign to Vote of No Confidence in the Administration!?!

Well, that was an interesting meeting. We had comments on the, most assuredly, unsavory campaign for the open seats decided on Nov. 7th.

Also, they had a motion from Mr. Brescher, seconded by Mrs. Ward for Vote of No Confidence in the Administration concerning some pending litigation. The Vote was 4 No, 2 Yes and 1 Abstention - so it failed.

Watch the meeting and see for yourself what happened:

Anyhoo, here's a thought - move the election back to April. Rather have the right to vote on the bloated buckets of money they call a School Budget then to put up with all the negativity that comes with campaigning for a November election. Never was a good idea to move it.

As I understand it, it can moved back to April some time in 2018 (post moratorium) by either the Board, the Edison Council or the People of Edison by Petition. Something to seriously consider.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Today's Election Results - here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison!

Well, the People of Edison have Spoken and congratulations to all the winners.

Hope you're ready for four more years of the same. Can't say you didn't have an opportunity for change this time around.

A Big Kudos to Keith Hahn for Standing up Front to Señor Lankey's Oligarchy and A Big Pinnochio to Señor Lankey for Hiding Behind it, just so he could win! Kinda shows you something about the two.

Here's the unofficial results by District for Mayor, Council and Board of Education from the Middlesex County Live Election Results website as of 10:47 PM on November 7, 2017:

If anyone wants this file to see the results for each District and Mail-in Votes, just drop me a note - you're welcome to it.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Geez, almost forgot - Please Remember to Vote For Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro on Nov. 7th!?!

He's really, really really counting on You!

So he can do it to You again for another 4-Years!

Anyhoo, how would he know that the County promised Less than 1% tax hike this year turned out to be 4.1% - he's just the 'Deputy Dog?!?'

County Tax increases from Edison Property Tax Bills - 2006 to 2017:

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Keith Hahn's Town Hall Meeting

Well done Mr. Hahn.

What ever happened to the Mr. Fix-it Program here in 'Downtown Edison?"

Just wondering what ever happened to the Mr. Fix-It Program here in ‘Downtown Edison.’ As I remember, back in 1995 former Mayor George Spadoro was able to secure a $50,000 annual grant to fund a Mr. Fix-It program. 

As I understood it, this program enabled senior citizens to continue to live in their homes for longer periods of times - often years.  This grant paid for the Mr. Fix-it van, all tools and materials and the salary of the designated Mr. Fix-it.

Mr. Fix-it handled, free of charge for eligible seniors and later for the disabled, all small repairs to their home and property.  The eligible homeowner had only to call the Senior Citizen Center on Woodbridge Avenue to schedule an appointment. 

The office staff determined eligibility and within a day or two, but sometimes within hours, Mr. Fix-it was at their door ready to install grab bars in bathrooms; fix leaky faucets; secure shaky banisters; replace broken window panes and screens;  change light bulbs; replace smoke and carbon monoxide alarms; check to make sure electric outlets were not overloaded with extension cords; put air conditioners in windows in spring/summer and take them out for storage in autumn/winter; check for objects in the home that could endanger the homeowner; and sometimes, just spend a few extra minutes speaking to a senior who didn’t have many visitors, letting them know that they are valued residents of our community.  

Since I know the only Mr. Fix-it in Edison retired, it seems the program retired also.  There has been no one that I can see that is employed in this capacity to fill this very important position. 

Many seniors depended on this service for personal and financial survival.  That, of course, is the primary concern but there is another matter that has not been discussed – What happened to that $50,000 grant? 

Has it been absorbed into the general fund, is it being used for another purpose or has Edison Township just lost this source of revenue?
Seems like someone over there at 100 Oligarchy Blvd. should be able to explain what happened to the Mr. Fix-It program. 

So, Señor Lankey - while I recognize that you're busy now campaigning and all, but can you enlighten us all on the status of the Mr. Fix-It Program?

Anyhoo, as a senior myself, it's hard to understand why they would take this help away from those who really need this kind of help the most.

Where's the Mayoral Debate in the 'DemBadLands' Downtown Edison?!?

Been trying hard to find out if and when there's going to be a mayoral debate between Messrs. Lankey and Hahn before the November 7th election. Seems there's not going to be one unless somebody out there knows and can let me know.

Now, I don't know and maybe it's me but you'd think that the 5th largest town in the state with a population of over 100,000 with some 55,000 or so registers voters - their might be an interest in what each has to say about the future of 'Downtown Edison.'

Geez, I don't know - with Muni-$pending Budgets now in the $134 million range, which is up some $16 million or 13.6% along with a Muni-tax increase of 15.4% over the last 4-years - and that's with a $100 million increase in the Ratables, which is now at $7.1 Billion. Yup, that's a B as in Billion!

Throw in some $103 million in debt and you'd think they'd have something to talk about. Or maybe even have a chit-chat about attracting new business to town, the infrastructure, public safety, or my favorite, 'stabilizing taxes'-but not the old-fashioned way, and maybe helping with the overcrowding in the schools. There's more they could talk about but you get the gist of it.

Señor Lankey, seriously now, I seem to remember that as one of the challengers back in 2013, you were given an opportunity to debate then Mayor Ricigliano - so why don't you, as Mayor, Step-Up and give Mr. Hahn the same opportunity? Granted, you won that election with some 39% of the mayoral vote but hardly by a landslide with total votes of 8,000 or so (in a town of 100,000) making you mayor.

It's easy to say you want to Keep Edison Moving Forward and how you plan to do it in front of the Dem Party Groupies over there on 100 Oligarchy Blvd. but quite another to do so and support it in the presence of a challenge.

Avoiding direct challenges on the Issues Facing Edison is Not a Good Thing Señor Lankey.

So, if you choose not to debate - then I say, Hang Down Your Head Tom Lankey - surely, you deserve to lose.

Anyhoo, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that we have a mayor who pretends he's running unopposed and won't come out and play.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4%' ChoiLankey - watch out for that 'revealed preference' going on here!

Well, I recognize that this is the silly season here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison and we get bombarded with all those candidate statements, ads and glossy campaign flyers with all the reasons why we should vote for this candidate or that candidate.

To that point, just saw this piece here in TapintoEdison - 'Mayor Tom Lankey Keeps Edison Moving Forward' and it's worthy of repeating his words here:

Statement: I am seeking a second term as Mayor of Edison to continue my efforts – with the Township Council’s help – to make Edison the best community in New Jersey for people to live, raise a family and work; and to be an enjoyable, safe and affordable place for our senior citizens.
I am a lifelong Edison resident whose family’s roots are proudly and deeply intertwined in the fabric of my community. This fuels my commitment to Edison’s well-being; to its economic health and financial stability; and to sensible future growth. I wish to continue helping Edison to make progress.
Sustained forward momentum involves a herculean menu of tasks, considering our large and growing population, our broad ethnic and cultural diversity, and the variety of services that Town Hall provides to over 102,000 residents.
My Administration will continue investing in our infrastructure, resurfacing more neighborhood streets, revitalizing our parks and upgrading our sewer system. We will continue improving our Police and Fire Departments, and devote more resources to our Public Works Department so each can better provide effective services.
These investments are an integral part of my Administration’s economic development strategy which, since 2014, have made Edison an attractive destination for larger corporate and commercial investors, and have encouraged new small businesses and professional offices to open here.
Our strategies have, so far, created over 3,500 new, higher-paying job opportunities. We have lowered Edison’s unemployment rate to 2.8-percent, from a high of 6.7-percent four years ago. Property values have risen to a total of $7.1 billion – up by $110 million since 2014.
New large and small businesses now contribute $17.2 million more in annual property taxes to Edison, helping to fund municipal services and provide relief to residential taxpayers. Edison is Middlesex County’s largest municipality, but our average total tax bill is sixth lowest among its county’s 25 towns. I hope to build upon my Administration’s proud record of accomplishment.
Now, I'm all for politicians putting the facts in a light most favorable to themselves but geez, Señor Lankey spins stuff so much - he makes himself dizzy. You know, there's something economists call revealed preference. They believe what people do more than what they say; that people's actions are the best indication of what they actually want, not their words.

And remember, campaigns are about winning but elections are about governing.
So, you decide if Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4% ChoiLankey's words are more important than his actions. Just a little history - here's what he had to say in his first campaign for mayor back in 2013:
Anyhoo, what do I know? I still can't figure out where they got their definition of $tabilized taxes!?! Gotta get me a copy of that dictionary so I can learn to speak in blah..blah..blah-eze!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Edison's election for Board of Education, aka Board of Mythomania, Board of EDems, Board of Hoarders, Board of Sneaky..Sneaky..Sneaky & Board of Silence!?!

Well, on Tuesday November 7th we get the chance to decide which of the 11 candidates get to fill the 4 spots and have an impact on the School District's future.

I say 'decide' because those who vote are the decision-makers - so, regardless of who you support, if you don't want someone else deciding for you here in the 'Downtown Edison', then it's important that you take the time to vote.

Make Your Voice Heard! Show once again that The People of Edison are Better than its Politics!

As with any election, You should vote for the candidates(s) that you believe will best serve Your interests and not be bound by partisan party lines or affiliations or be listening to anyone else telling You How You Should Vote.

Now, before I go any further, let me recognize Dr. Frank, the Board President who isn't seeking reelection. While I may have disagreed more often than not with him, that doesn't diminish the fact that I always believed he is a Good Man and that these volunteer positions take a lot of time and effort and for that - he deserves a Big Thank You for his service on the Board and to the Edison Community.

Moving on, - clearly, if you ever read this blog and its many posts about what this Board does and doesn't do, what they say and don't say, etc. - then you'll understand why I'm not a fan of this Board (and why I refer to them as I do in the title of this post), its ineffective Leadership, its Lack of Oversight over Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley, its Misdirected and Out-of-Control $pending, its Bloated Buckets of Money they call School Budgets, its Lack of Transparency and General all round Disrespect for the Stakeholder that Pays 90% of their Bills - the Resident and Taxpayers here in 'Downtown Edison.'

The Board has been and still is in dire need of Change and these elections are an opportunity for me to see if any of the candidates who wish to fill the spots recognize any of this and wish to open up the closed club for the selected few who want to keep the status quo over there on Mythomania Lane.

So, with that in mind, I looked at all the candidates websites and links to their FaceBook pages, read all their material I could find including their letters and endorsements and listened to them at the ETEA Candidates Night. I also acknowledge, understand and respect the ETEA's choice of candidates for this election cycle.

Just to summarize the candidates - there are 11 candidates running for 4 spots. Nine of the candidates are running for the the three 3-Year seats and two candidates are running for the one 1-Year seat.

Here are the candidates as they appeared at the ETEA's Candidates Night on October 5th - Messrs. Distefano (I) and Vuppula were no-shows:

And here are the candidates by the tickets they formed and ballot position:

While I'm sure they're all well-meaning people and each brings something of value to the Board - after reading and reviewing all their printed material, listening to them at Candidates Night and for all the reasons written in previous posts, I'll just share my thoughts with you about this election.

First and foremost, I won't be voting for Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4%' ChoiLankey's 'You Got To Be Kidding Me' Team of incumbents for all the reasons written about in this blog - they are part of the problem with this Board and Not part of solution to the myriad of issues the School District is facing going forward. Now, as an aside, this presents a slight dilemma for me, which I'll explain later on.

Second, I won't be voting for Araujo's 'Be the Change 4 Edison BOE' ticket simply because there's No way I could possibly vote for Araujo - even with his endorsement from the ETEA and this being his third bite at the apple.

Third, I won't be voting for Wise since she's an EDO committewoman and that's a game-ender for me.

Fourth, I won't be voting for Vuppula - don't know him or anything about him other than his bio given out at Candidates Night but since he was a no-show that night, can't really form any opinion or have enough information to decide.

Finally, I will be voting for Bodofsky & Conway - 'The 2 to Vote 4!' Team. If there were ever candidates who have earned an opportunity to be on this Board through years of knowledge and relentless dedication of time and effort to the work of the Board of Education and diligent attendance at Board meetings, it's these two. Whether you agree with them or not - they're always there asking probing, substantive and important questions and pursuing the overall betterment of the School District for all the stakeholders - and that includes the often forgotten one, the taxpayers.

Since I will only be voting for 2 of the 9 candidates for the three 3-year seats, I will just do a write in for the third. I leave it up to you good people to decide the third.

Now, as to my dilemma referred to above. There are only two candidates running for the 1-year seat - the incumbent Distefano and Araujo. Now, I can't vote for Distefano - he's just a seat-filler for the O'Malley groupies on the Board but I also can't vote for Araujo. Here's a guy that I believe has a persona and style that will do more harm than good in pursuing what's important to me if seated on the Board.

So, I will go with a write-in for this one 1-year seat. I leave it up to you good people again to decide which way you want to go.

Anyhoo, as I said before, you shouldn't care who I or anyone else votes for - You should Vote for Who You Believe Will Best Serve Your Interests - but while you're doing that, you should care if things go on for another year the way they've been going on over there on Mythomania Lane, which it certainly looks like it will if you don't make a Change - so please take the time and become informed before you Vote.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Top 10 Reasons why you Gotta like Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4%' ChoiLankey's 'You Got to Be Kidding Me' Team for the Edison Board of Mythomania!?!

10. Because you like the politicization of the Edison Board of Education and it's simpler for you to just call it the Board of EDems anyway.

9. Because you like that they are 'The Only Independent Team Not Funded by Any Special Interest Group' and you don't care if they take another picture with Señor Lankey, he'll have to independently adopt them.

8. Because you like their claim of 'Rebuilding James Monroe School at Zero Cost to Taxpayers' and you don't care that it was really because of some odd new thing we have over there on Mythomania Lane - called insurance.

7. Because you like that they 'Gave the Taxpayers Back $1.46 million in additional state aid and you don't care that they Hoarded the previous $2.0 million, raised your taxes by 10.1% over the last 4-years and have been known to tap into the Cap Bank when they want money back from you.

6. Because you like how they tried to Sneak in an Early Extension of Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley's employment contract one-year early and before the election where 4-seats are up for Grabs and you don't care if they provided no rationale, justification or support other than ..they like him - they really, really like him.

5. Because you like when they tell you about 'Zero Cost Turf Fields' and you don't care that they just committed us to some $370 million with the ETEA over the next 3-years and they somehow didn't think it was important enough to tell you about it or that extra $10.8 million that comes along with it.

4. Because you like how they've been following Señor O'Malley from ..Soo Far Behind for ..Soo Long and you don't care that they've Long-Lost Sight of him.

3. Because you like when they come up with Sophomoric Board Goals and Merit Performance Criteria, some with no academic achievement criteria, and you don't care how much money they're paying out in bonuses to Señor O'Malley.

2. Because you like how they've failed to come up with a long-overdue cogent, cohesive, practical and cost-conscious plan to deal with the overcrowding in all the schools and you don't care if they're just wasting time and money by temporarily plugging holes using these Lease-Purchase agreements that do nothing more than create debt and bypass Voter Approval.

1. Because you like a Good Paradox Wrapped in an Enigma and you don't care if Incumbents Shi, Moroney and Distefano Really, Really Need to Be Shown the Exit this November 7th, even if it's through their own 'Zero Cost Turf Fields.'

PS: Postage Savings Suggestion - just a thought but it might be a good idea to take me off your mailing list. Somehow - don't think I'll quite be voting for your team.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Cost of the ETEA Settlement $10,760,565 (9.27%) over 3-Years - that the Board of Mythomania didn't tell You at Monday Night's Meeting!

Well, here's what I just received from the Edison BoE about the settlement approved at Monday Night's Meeting with the ETEA - for Certified and Non-Certified Staff.

The total increase for both is up $10,760,565 or 9.27% over the 3-Years with annual increases over the 3-Years of 3.141%, 2.902% and 2.955%.

The Certified goes up by $10,024,209 or 9.4% over the 3-Years with annual increases over the 3-Years of 3.2%, 2,9% and 3.0%.

Non-Certified goes up by $736,356 or 7.7% over the 3-Years with annual increases over the 3-Years of 2.1%, 2.5% and 2.8%.

Something how it works over there, isn't it? Something with numbers as humongous as this to their budget and Your Tax Bill, they approve without saying a word about how much the settlement was and why. They had a responsibility to tell the People of Edison what they did - and they didn't. But hey, if no one asks a question at their meeting, then they don't have to tell you, Right!?!

Anyhoo, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that they can $pend Your Money anyway they want - and Don't Have to Tell YOU!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wow! Edison Board of Mythomania Approves Settlement with the ETEA Last Night with one Caveat!?!

This duct-tape transparency over there on Mythomania Lane just never ceases to amaze me. Think about it. The Board of Mythomania approves the settlement of the 3-year Contract with the Certified and Non-Certified Staff last night and neglects to do one thing.

They didn't bother to tell you how much the settlement was for over the next 3-years!

Geez, really. Staffing is only the single largest expenditure that they have in their $234 million Bloated 'Pots of Money' they call a school budget and they don't think it's important enough to tell you what they've obligated you for and what it's gonna cost you?!?

Not one Board Member said a thing about the contract.

The last contract settlement for the above staff resulted in an increase of some $9.6 million or 8.6% in salaries over the 3-years.

Would be Nice to know what it is under this contract - since the school tax was 55.4% of your total property tax bill this year, was some 46% of this year's total property tax increase and let's not forget with all their Whining about not getting our fair share of state aid under SFRA, we still pay some 90% of the total school bill.

Yup, that Stinks!

Anyhoo, just put in an OPRA Request to get the numbers.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Local Dem-Party Machine isn't Broken - it just Doesn't Work for You!

Geez, how much more are you willing to take from these people? As a democrat who remembers a Party that used to be the Party of the People - you just can't associate that attachment with this collection of Wanna-be oligarchs here in 'Downtown Edison.'

Don't be Mislead. They're not going to change. You fall for their propaganda again and guess what you'll get - more of same! More of everything that has made Edison what it is today - a town where the few benefit at the expense of the many - and they don't really care what you have to say. Unless, of course, when it's election time and they're out pandering for your vote again.

Unfortunately, the Dem-Party Machine is working just fine here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison - it's just Not Working for You!

Seems it's about time you recognized it.

They Need to Go on November 7th if you want any hope of taking away all that Power they enjoy in the Hands of the Chosen Few and putting it back to where it belongs - in the Hands of the People of Edison!

It's up to you to do what's in your Best interests this time around - and not be fooled into doing what's in their Best interest.

Anyhoo, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that even Señor Lankey looks a little uncomfortable in the presence of these two escapees from the EDO - the Party that has Made Edison Safe for Hypocrisy.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Politicization of the Edison Board of Mythomania!?!

Well, it's good to know Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4%' ChoiLankey and the EDO Chair are out there with their 'You Got To Be Kidding Me' Team for the Edison Board of Education, aka Board of Mythomania, Board of EDems and Board of Sneaky..Sneaky..Sneaky come November 7th.

And you thought it was a good idea to move the school board elections to November!

Anyhoo, what do I know? I still can't figure out why Señor Lankey thinks this kind of stuff is helpful to these BoE Incumbents (who need to be Voted into Forced Retirement on November 7th) or himself!?! Sneaky likes Sneaky, I guess!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Letter to Dr. Frank - Re: Super O'Malley's Contract at October 11, 2017 Meeting

Update - just been told that there's a Notice here on the EBoE's website that there will Not be a Public Hearing or Vote on the Superintendent's Contract at Wednesday's Caucus Meeting. It's been pulled from the agenda.

Well, I've written a lot about what the Board of Mythomania is planning to do on October 11, 2017 with Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley's contract is so Wrong!

However, I would be remiss if I didn't make one last effort to share my thoughts and to make Dr. Frank recognize why it's so wrong for him to be doing this at this time and to pull it from the agenda at Wednesday's meeting.

So, towards that end, I sent him this letter below via email and copied the Board Members as well as Super O'Malley and Dan Michaud.    

If you have any of these concerns or others about what is going on here with this contract, please take the time to reach out to Dr. Frank and any of the Board Members and make your voice heard.

Anyhoo, this thingie is kind of important and has long-lasting impact to the People of Edison - so, you might wanna make sure you have your say now before it's too late.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Wow! So che le tasse sono troppo elevate in Edison ma il cibo italiano troppo?!?

Geez, who would of thought some Italian food would cost so much?!?

Anyhoo, that's a tad bit out of my price range! Here's one Italian in town that has to take a pass. Oh wait, I forgot, they're willing to take donations as little as $25.00 from you if you can't afford to go to the dinner! That's Nice of them.

Friday, October 6, 2017

..and you thought moving the school board election to November was a good idea - part duex!?!

Geez, you really can't make this stuff up. A seminar series for Back to School Night in Edison sponsored by a Woodbridge based association in an Edison School featuring the 3 Incumbent candidates up for reelection, and let's not forget the keynote speaker - Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley.

But wait, it gets even better - who better to moderate this non-partisan Q & A than our very own Democratic Councilman Ajay Patil. You remember him, he's part of the Democratic Oligarchy over there on 100 Oligarchy Blvd.

You know, for a moment there, I almost thought this was kind of partisan - but I must be wrong. Surely, Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4%' ChoiLankey doesn't really have a 'You Got To Be Kidding Me' ticket for the Board of Education. Does he?

Be that as it may, seems it's a Q & A from Board members who are Mute most of the time in Board meetings, and most likely, at least three of them pictured here are ardent supporters of prematurely extending the Super's contract on October 11th against any degree of common sense and rationality or consideration of public displeasure.

But hey, it's an opportunity to get their campaign propaganda out, I guess.

Anyhoo, what do I know? I still can't figure out why Señor Lankey would want to inject himself into an Edison BoE election and picking these incumbents to back to boot. Take it he doesn't pay much attention to what goes on over there on Mythomania Lane.

Edison Township Education Association Candidates Night

Here are the candidates in attendance for the Edison Board of Education in the November election. Candidates Paul Distefano (I) and Sunil Robert Vuppula were absent.

Special thanks to Jeff Bowden, President of the ETEA for the invitation. Much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Dr. Seuss on the loose in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison!?!?

You know, I just get a kick out of it when I see (what I consider to be the EDO's Greatest failure) - Rob 'Mr. Temper-a-Ment' Karabinchak stick his head up in Downtown Edison. Along with Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro, the Poster-Child for everything that's Wrong with the EDO - they make a truly dynamic representation of the EDO.

As I often ponder why the EDO turned these two out into the state and county, I remind myself that this is 'Downtown Edison,' of course. The land where the perils of one-party government are no longer perils but an unfortunate reality.

But I digress, so let's move on. So, since I would vote for Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro before I would ever vote for Señor Karabinchak (and that's saying a Tad Bit of a Lot if you know me) let's go with his theme:

Anyhoo, don't forget to thank Charlie when you see him around campaigning in your neighborhood for keeping the 'Less than 1% County tax hike' this year to only 4.1% and for that Whopping 19.3% County tax hike over the last 4 years.

Just So You Know How Much to Be Thankful For Over the Last 4 Years!?!

Just  so you know how much Mayor Tom 'Now 15.4%' ChoiLankey (Muni 15.4% & Garbage 10%), Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro, aka 'Deputy Dog' of The Board of 'Less than 1% Tax Increase' Chosen Freeholders (19.3%) and Dr. Frank from the Board of Mythomania, aka Board of EDems, Board of Sneaky..Sneaky..Sneaky (10.1%) have contributed to the Increase in YOUR PROPERTY TAX BILLS over the last 4 years.

Monday, October 2, 2017

It's been a Great 4 Years here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison?!?

Well, it wouldn't be right to let the last 4 years go by without thanking all of those elected officials over there on Oligarchy Boulevard, Mythomania Lane and 'Deputy Dog' over there in New Brunswick for all the tax increases, year after year - after year - after year - after year!

And let's not forget how Lankey $tabilizing taxes ended up being a 15.4% tax hike, an unbelievable 19.3% tax hike from our own Poster-Child for Everything that's wrong with the EDO and now 'Deputy Dog' of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro.

Last, and by no means least, that 10.1% from the Out-of-Control $pending continium of the Board of Mythomania.

It's been a Great 4 Years:

Anyhoo, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that Lankey and Tomaro want another term to do it to You again and Dr. Frank wants to leave us with a Parting Gift that will last for 5 years after he's gone!?!